Please download & complete the coding options and send it back to me. These are fillable PDF forms and you need to download them on your local drive to save/edit it. Please contact Ram at

Download the coding checklist for E/R Series

Download the coding checklist for F Series

Latest BMW On-Board Navigation System Update (NBT/CIC/CCC iDrive) 
I will provide the FSC code and update your NBT/CIC Navigation system with latest maps. 

Alpina B3 Flash for 335 6 Speed Automatic - See Video 
This Alpina TCU flash works for model years 3/07 till present. If your production date is before 3/07 then you are out of luck and cant flash your car. This flash will make the transmission run smoother, gear change will be more precise and crisp, rev match downshift is unbelievable, rev limiter is increased. The tranny is now more performance calibrated but yet in regular drive mode it smooth as silk, but when you use the S mode or M mode, that is where the flash shines beyond belief!!!! You will have a new indicator for gear selection in D mode which display D1, D2, D3 ,D4, D5 and in DS mode you will see S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 and the same for the M mode.

Few more Alpina B3 videos - Video1  Video2  Video3

These are the popular options for BMW:

Open and Close Windows / Roof & Side View Mirrors - See Video 
  • Open and Close the door windows, Roof and Top with the Key FOB. 
  • Closes the side view mirrors when you lock the doors (Instant or delayed)
Close convertible tops with key FOB - See Video

Auto Sunroof close with Rain Sensor
  • Sunroof will be closed from full open or tilt position when the rain detected
Wiper Operation
  • Wiper auto completes the full cycle when the vehicle is turned
Trunk Close - See Video
  • Close the tailgate with the remote or button inside the cabin 
Video in Motion - See Video 
  • Play the Video on Navigation system and it is for passengers only
  • Video In Motion (CIC/NBT iDrive models only)  
  • Do not watch the Video when driving you are driving for safety reasons
Eject Key FOB - See Video 
  • Eject the Key FOB by long pressing the stop button
Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Unlock the doors (Driver side or all doors) when you turn off the vehicle
  • Lock the door when the vehicle moves at certain speed
Door Chime
  • Disable the door chime when the driver's door is open and Key FOB is in the slot.
iDrive Warnings [Accept] for CIC/CCC - See Video 
  • Remove the iDrive warning message when starting the vehicle 
  • Remove the iDrive warning message when the rear view camera is on 
Digital Speed - See Video
  • Digital Speed on the instrument cluster 
  • You could have a True Car speed or matching speed with Analog Speedometer  
Double Blink Hazard - See Video
  • Double Blink the hazard lamp or parking lamp. 
  • Double Blink the hazard lamp in Crash.
Seat Belt Chime
  • Turn off the Seat Belt Chime but you will still see the red fat man light remains on the cluster 
Fog Lights
  • Turn on the Fog Lights with the high beam light
  • Turn on the Fog Lights with high beam flash
BFD (Brake Force Distribution) Lights on
  • Brighter break lights with regular breaking 
Side Marker/ Turn Signal Lights - See Video
  • Turn off side marker/ turn signal lights when the highlights on (Euro Mode)
Front fog lights on when unlocking the car - See Video

One touch turn signal custom coding - See Video

BMW EfficientDynamics Shift Suggestions - See Video
  • Gear shift suggestion for fuel efficiency
Only for F series:

Power & Torque meter enabled - See Video

Individual Tire Pressure and Temperature and more - See Video

MINI Cooper Options:

Car Access Module
Close Windows & Sunroof w/ Lock on Keyfob
Unlock Doors When Key Is Removed
Opening Door Does Not Stop Window Roll-Up (60 Seconds) 
Holding Fob Trunk Button Sounds Panic Alarm ** Works only on models w/ Alarm Package!

Roof Module
Sunroof One-Touch Vent/Open/Close
Rain Sensor Closes Sunroof ** May not work on all models!

Navigation Module
Enable Weather-Band Radio
Remove Startup Legal Screen from Connected / Nav

Instrument Cluster Module
Disable Over-Estimated Speed Reading
Disable Key Gong / Door Open Reminder
Lock Speed To Center Tach Display

Airbag Module
Disable Passenger Seatbelt Warning
Disable Driver Seatbelt Warning

Light Module
Fogs Come On With Parking Lights / Headlights 
Fogs Stay On With High Beams
Fogs Stay On When High Beams Are Flashed
Windows DO NOT Stop Rolling Up When Door Opened
Double-Blink / Fast Blink on Hazard Flashers
Disable Bulb Checks for
     Low Beams
     High Beams
     Puddle Lights
     License Plate
     Rear Fog Lights
     Fog Lights
     Corner Lights
     Parking Lights
     Daytime Running Lights
     Braking Lights & Signal Lights
Welcome Lights Activated on when car unlocked for
     Front High Beams  
     Front Low Beams  
     Rear Fog Light  
     Rear Turn Signals 
     Front Turn Signals 
     License Plate Lamps 

Some additional features for E series:

-Read and Clear the fault codes 
-Lock/unlock beep option in iDrive 
-Auto Light / Rain Sensitivity Control in Idrive 
-Auto Light Sensitivity Control in iDrive (PRE-LCI Vehicles only)
-Turn On/Off Day time Running Light
-Day time Running Light option in iDrive
-Fuel Stop Suggestion in Route Guidance
-MP3 Playback on your in dash player.
-Instant MPG for ///M cars
-Fuel Tank Reserve Warning at 1/8 tank rather than 1/4 tank
-Display cruise control set speed if not currently available
-Instrument Cluster Lighting Always On
-Auto Light / Rain Sensitivity Control in BS (No Navigation)
-Disable Auto Dimming mirrors
-Follow Me Home Lights/Welcome lights
-Increase Angel Eyes Brightness
-Side Marker / Turn Signal light with Welcome Light
-Front fog lights on when unlocking the car (Welcome Light Activated)
-Low beams on when unlocking the car  (Welcome Light Activated)
-Rear fog lights on when unlocking the car  (Welcome Light Activated)
-Rear license plate on when unlocking the car  (Welcome Light Activated)
-Angel Eyes on when unlocking the car
-Weather Radio Band
-Auto Tilt Side Mirrors on the reverse gear

Retrofit Coding:
-Halogen to Xenon Conversion
-Bluetooth Retrofit Coding
-OEM Alarm System Install
-IPOD Interface
-Sirius Radio
-Retrofit Power Fold Mirrors
-Sports Seat Retrofit
-BMW Live
-Adaptive Headlight Failure 
-Auto Door locking
-Remove Fog Lights
-Aux Input
-Disable PDC sensors
-PDC Disable for Factory Hitch and Trailor Module
-Rear View Camera retrofit
-LCI Taillight Coding

Please contact me at if you have any questions

*Possibility to code specific option may vary depend on the model